LMS Training Services


The E-Three Learning & Training platform is extremely easy and intuitive to use, so that your team can start using it without, in most cases, any substantial training. But we do offer extensive LMS training services if you need our help anywhere.


How will training be useful?

LMS Training will be extremely useful for the professors, students, and administrators in the institutes. Similarly, the personnel and maintenance staff along with the employees from the corporate organizations can avail of this training session. Training on LMS will ensure better understanding of the E-Three Learning Platform as all the operations of administration; content creation and development, usability and features are explained in detail with appropriate presentation.

Training is useful to all the participants using the E-Three Learning Platform in the corporate organizations as well as the institutes. Training given will be role specific- based on the role of the participant using the E-Three Learning Platform. For e.g.- training given to the professor/ employee will differ than that of an administrator/maintenance staff, as the nature of work is extremely niche and role-specific, hence the functions and the controls also differ.

Training at institutes

At the institutes, professors, students as well as administrators are entitled for training purpose. Professors will be explained, how to create courses in different formats as well as view and edit it whenever needed. Moreover, details about how to schedule an online class, present video slides and answer the queries of the students through audio/video configuration is elucidated.

Step by step instructions are given on how to navigate the platform. Explanation is provided on how to create, view as well as control the profile settings, add learning resources, set up various engagement activities for students, explain different concepts, topics to the students in an interesting way and evaluate students based on their understanding and learning.

Explanation on what are the various features used during virtual classroom sessions is elaborated. Details comprising - how to start synchronous learning using audio-video session will be demonstrated to both professors as well as students. While the ongoing virtual class, students may have query/ doubts regarding what is being explained, at this point in time, a feature called " raise hand" is used to indicate that the professor needs to attend to the questions asked. Besides, if the platform used for virtual learning fails, then how the backend support –skype, telephonic call is brought into operation is highlighted. Moreover, students can ask queries through the discussion board to the professors and get responses from the professors on the questions asked. In addition, the fellow students can also comment on the same discussion board or else post another query.

Training at Corporate Organizations

At the Corporate Organizations, the personnel or the maintenance staff, employees as well as the HR are entitled for LMS training

Corporate Organizations can make use of the E-Three platform to communicate, co-ordinate and administer all the documents for training and coaching purposes of the employees. E-Three is one such effective learning platform that would enable the corporates to carry on their business in a cost-effective and an efficient way.

Training for companies is extremely beneficial and is required to guide the incepted trainees, employees from all round the world, on the goals, vision, mission, history and company policies. Besides, training is sometimes a requisite for enhancing skills in certain job areas. Considering this, the E-Three Learning Platform can be an important platform to introduce and communicate ideas, details as well as concepts to the employees.

The E-Three Learning Platform will raise the bar for the corporate organizations to complete tasks and achieve business goals more quickly and efficiently.

Types of Training

Training is available based on the TLT package offerings. Please refer to our product packages to get details about the same.

E-Three Learning Platform is divided into 3 types: -

  • Self-Training Kit:

    This kit will offer the institutes as well as corporates the flexibility to learn by themselves through an instructed training kit. This will be a reasonable option for those who are quite proficient in the learning platform and can make the platform work efficiently, by making use of the self-training kit.

  • Online Training:

    In case the institutions as well as corporates have traveling or budgetary constraints, and the training kit does not suffice in solving their doubts or queries, then our clients can avail of the online training, wherein we will connect with our clients through synchronous means and guide them and give necessary instructions in order to resolve their queries.

  • Onsite Training:

    This is a feasible option for those institutions or corporates who have employees, professors-teachers, administrators, and personnel in large number and want to save on time and resources by giving training at the same time to the entire staff. Our technical team will come personally to the institutions as well as corporates and solve all the queries/doubts raised.