E-learning outsourcing


The ideal outsourcing vendor is one that is like-minded with the client. Both should see the other as a partner rather than seeing things in terms of a client-and-vendor relationship.


Why is e-learning Outsourcing needed

eLearning content today should be rich in experience-sharing processes that draw people into the learning environment. Content is at the core of any learning activity & determines the success or failure of the exercise. Creating interactive e-content quickly on a regular basis can be a daunting task & delays or poor quality can adversely affect the entire learning process. Under such circumstances, e-learning outsourcing to a suitable vendor can have multiple strategic advantages including but not limited to significant savings in time and cost.

Key Aspects to be Considered

  • Need analysis

    Does the project require proficiency in content development, learning behavior, or media production? Can one vendor handle the project or would it be better to divide it among multiple parties? Having a clear sense of your e-learning needs will result in a more successful vendor experience.

  • Competency Analysis

    It is imperative to engage vendors with competency in learning design, development, and project management to match or exceed the client's expectations. Check the vendor's infrastructure to ensure that it supports quality and timely delivery.

  • Strategy

    A careful strategy in outsourcing, from the selection to the development process and the final delivery of the product and maintenance

Why Timeless Learning Technologies is the right choice

  • State-of-the-Art infrastructure with in-house design, development & support team to provide customized solutions to clients across the globe
  • We follow a structured e-Learning outsourcing model, which is widely accepted by our clients. This allows you to have a pellucid picture of the work process, development platform, the cost involved and last but equally important the timelines.
  • Subject Matter Experts for creating and owning the content responsibility.
  • We are catering to range of industries varying from Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, ITES, Government, to IT
  • Expertise on instructional designing & tools like captivate, articulate, lectora, flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CS4
  • CBT, SCORM, HTML5 compliant Content
  • Managed Services to support back-end activities , Integration and Customization