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In today's times of technological advancements and globalization, the pattern of education delivery has undergone a drastic makeover. No longer is education confined to the limits of a four-walled classroom. Education is now omnipresent, thanks to the advent of e-Learning. For well-organized and adept conduct of e-Learning, an equally capable and competent platform is needed. The learning platform functions as an interface to deliver online learning. Timeless Learning Technologies presents the COMPETENT: E-Three- A perfect e-Learning Solution for Education.

In the education industry, E-Three (best training solution for education industry) would be of immense help not only for well-established institutes to enhance their reach, but it will be extremely potent for small educational institutes and coaching classes to increase their business. Thus e-Learning solutions for education industry are very important. To make their presence felt in the education industry, the number of students undergoing training or education is extremely important for any educational institute and this where the e-Learning solution will be beneficial. Certain benefits that will make E-Three a must use tool for educational institutes are highlighted as below:

Benefits of E-Three for Educational Industry:
  • For big institutes, it would mean that high number of students could attend to their high-class education programs, wherein physical presence of the student and the professor won't be an issue
  • Centralized learning could be provided to high number of learners/students
  • Best faculty can be associated with the educational programs conducted online as there are no constraints of being physically present in a class to deliver lectures
  • For small Institutes and coaching classes, with less investment on infrastructure development, quality delivery of learning could be provided
  • High Returns on Investment
  • Multiple students can access E-Three at any given point of time, therefore more students can be enrolled for a given course program
  • An institute can easily update, amend and deploy customized learning modules
  • Student performance assessment
  • Students of these institutes are also benefited as they enjoy the interactive learning sessions and grasp the complex concepts quite easily
  • Effortless conduct of crash courses
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