Collaborative Learning Tools:

Various tools for collaborative web based learning are available in E-Three Platform for engaging students to explore the curricular topics by interacting with their peers and professors real time. The module allows students to ask queries on the given topics. It supports both text and video formats.

Various collaboration tools for Enhanced learning or training are:
Basic LMS service has some basic collaboration learning tools like, messaging, chat, forums, blogs, wiki etc. With these tools professors /students or trainer/Employees can collaborate on various topics and subjects. The collaboration and communication tools enable synchronous or asynchronous interaction between professors/students and Trainer/Employee.

Tools like messaging and chat enable real time communication between online participants, where tools like blog and forums, serve as an effective platform for discussions and to share thoughts descriptively on various course topics. Discussion board is also a special collaboration tool for efficient knowledge transfer. The utility and functionality of Discussion board as a collaboration tool is discussed as below:

  • A discussion board
    After reading the content for a particular course, students may have certain doubts; the professors or fellow students can answer these queries through the discussion board. In this way, various discussions to clarify the query, answer the doubts and get better overall understanding on the concepts can be carried out between the students as well as professors in order to make learning more interactive and interesting.

    Discussion board develops better understanding and serves the absent students This discussion board can be extremely significant if the students lose some important details during the online learning class, while studying or want to gain insights on a particular issue, which have not been comprehended very clearly. Besides, if the student is absent, the discussion board can serve to be an important forum for understanding and clarifying the queries and doubts if any.
  • User friendly and enhanced features
    The features of collaborative Tools are very well designed and extremely user- friendly, as there is enough information provided on how to make use of each tool in the collaborative learning module. Besides, this module makes learning an interesting, innovative and a synergistic process.

    Collaboration tools helps in refining skills like communication and teamwork among the students as well results in high knowledge transfer amongst the team members in an organization.
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